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Guide to Spatium Points

Guide to Spatium Points

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What is Spatium Points?

Spatium Points (SP) are in-app gaming assets that you can earn through a simple farm-to-earn mini-game within the Spatium Feeless Bitcoin Wallet. These points hold potential real-world value.

The sooner you start earning SP, the greater your chances of reaping rewards.

Don't wait—claim your Welcome Bonus and embark on your space journey today!

Why Should You Earn Spatium Points?

Climb the leaderboard for a chance to win crypto rewards through raffles or prize giveaways!

And remember, while we can't promise a TGE and airdrop right now, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Why not give it a shot? Join now and seize the opportunity!

To be the first to know the dates of prize giveaways and other possible rewards follow Spatium on social media. This way you won't miss a chance.

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How to Earn Spatium Points?

1. Download the Spatium Feeless Bitcoin Wallet

2. Create Your Account

  • Sign up easily with Apple, Google, or Email (no KYC and other complexities)

3. Farm SP

  • Claim your Welcome Bonus:

    • From the Home/Portfolio section (bottom banner), or

    • Go to the Actions section and select Farm SP, or

    • Visit the Profile section and select Claim 100 SP Welcome Bonus at the top banner.

  • After claiming your Welcome Bonus, start farming SP.

4. Collect Your SP

  • Return to Spatium every 8 hours to claim your farmed SP and initiate new farming cycles

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How to Earn More Spatium Points?

1. Space Missions

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Space missions are simple tasks that allow you to earn more points in addition to farming. To access missions, navigate to the Missions section inside the mini-game and complete the available tasks. Space missions are categorized as follows:

  • Regular Missions: Complete these regularly for periodic rewards.
    • Example: Daily Bonus
  • Farming Multipliers: Complete tasks that grant multipliers, increasing your farming points compared to players without multipliers.
    • Example: Balance Upkeep
  • One-Time Missions: Complete these tasks once for a one-time reward.
    • Examples: Wallet Balance, SP Balance, Backup Wallet (QR), Backup Wallet (Cloud)

The list of missions can be updated periodically.

2. Referral Program

Soon, you will be able to form your space crew. As your friends complete their missions, you will earn additional points.

Stay tuned and follow Spatium on social media to be the first to know when Missions and the Referral Program become available.

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How Many Spatium Points Can You Earn?

1. Welcome Bonus - 100 SP

Each new player can claim a Welcome Bonus of 100 SP.

2. Farming - Starts at 100 SP

Farming sessions last 8 hours, and you can earn 100 SP per session unless multipliers are applied. After 8 hours, return to the app to claim your SP and start a new farming session.

3. Space Missions

  1. Daily Bonus - Starts at 50 SP
    Return to the mini-game inside Spatium Wallet every 24 hours to claim your daily bonus:
    • Day 1: 50 SP
    • Day 2: 75 SP
    • Day 3: 100 SP
    • Day 4: 125 SP
    • Day 5: 150 SP
    • Day 6: 175 SP
    • Day 7: 200 SP
    IMPORTANT REMINDER: The bonus resets to 50 SP if you miss a day or after each 7-day cycle.

  2. Balance Upkeep - Farming Multiplier
    Earn more than 100 SP per 8-hour farming session by maintaining certain crypto asset balances (in USD equivalent) in your Spatium wallet:
    • $100: 1.10x multiplier
    • $150: 1.15x multiplier
    • $200: 1.20x multiplier
    • $250: 1.25x multiplier
    • $300: 1.30x multiplier
    • $350: 1.35x multiplier
    • $400: 1.40x multiplier
    • $450: 1.45x multiplier
    • $500: 1.50x multiplier
    • $550: 1.55x multiplier
    • $600: 1.60x multiplier
    • $650: 1.65x multiplier
    • $700: 1.70x multiplier
    • $750: 1.75x multiplier
    • $800: 1.80x multiplier
    • $850: 1.85x multiplier
    • $900: 1.90x multiplier
    • $950: 1.95x multiplier
    • $1000+: 2.00x multiplier

    EXAMPLE: If you hold crypto worth $1000 or more, you can claim a 2.00x farming multiplier. This multiplier will be automatically applied, allowing you to earn up to 200 SP per farming session instead of the default 100 SP.

    • Claim Your Multiplier: Ensure you claim your multiplier so it’s applied to farming.
    • 24-Hour Application: The multiplier is active for 24 hours.
    • Reclaim as Needed: If your balance remains between $100 and $1000 after 24 hours, you will need to reclaim the multiplier for continued benefits.

  3. Wallet Balance - One-Time Mission
    Earn one-time rewards by maintaining specific crypto balances in your Spatium wallet:
    • $100-$249.9: 100 SP
    • $250-$499.9: 100 SP
    • $500-$749.9: 100 SP
    • $750-$999.9: 100 SP
    • $1000+: 100 SP

    EXAMPLE: If you hold $205 in crypto, you can claim 100 SP. Increasing your balance to $300 unlocks another 100 SP reward. Holding $1000+ allows you to claim 100 SP five times.

  4. SP Balance - One-Time Mission
    Earn one-time rewards by reaching specific SP balances:
    • 500 SP: Earn 100 SP
    • 1000 SP: Earn 180 SP (100 SP x 1.8)
    • 2000 SP: Earn 324 SP (180 SP x 1.8)
    • 4000 SP: Earn 583 SP (324 SP x 1.8)

    • The minimum SP required to claim a reward is 500 SP.
    • There is no maximum SP limit.
    • A new mission unlocks when you double your SP balance.
    • Rewards are calculated by multiplying the previous reward by 1.8.
  5. Backup Wallet - QR - One-Time Mission
    Create a QR backup in the “Profile > Account Recovery” section to earn 100 SP.

  6. Backup Wallet - Cloud - One-Time Mission
    Create a cloud backup (iCloud or Google Drive) in the “Profile > Account Recovery” section to earn 100 SP.

4. Referral Program

The Spatium team is actively developing the program. Detailed rules will be provided once the referral program is available.


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The Top 50 Astronauts list is available. Regularly farm SP, complete missions, and become one of the top astronauts for a chance at real-world rewards.

  • Ranking: The leaderboard displays the Top 50 Astronauts by rank, not by position. Users with the same SP balance share the same rank to ensure fairness.
  • Your Rank: Your rank is displayed at the top of the screen near your email when you are in the Leaders section of the mini-game.
  • Transparency: You can see the SP balance of other astronauts.
  • Privacy and Security: User privacy is our top priority. You cannot see any private information (e.g., emails) of other users. Instead, you will see their automatically assigned nicknames, which currently cannot be changed manually.

Our Users are Our Family

Spatium is primarily a Feeless Bitcoin Wallet, and we aim to make it the most secure and user-friendly wallet. We value our users and consider you all as part of our family. To show our appreciation, we've incorporated fun gaming mechanics into the wallet, offering real-world benefits to Spatium Wallet users. Strong relationships are never one-sided.


Spatium Points are not tokens; they are in-app gaming assets. Spatium reserves the right to change terms and rules. Any changes will be published on this page.

17 Jun, 2024 Spatium Team


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