Please read the following notification properly before buying any products or services on this website.

Any information posted on this website is not a public offer! The website contains information about the technical characteristics of the company's products.

1. To ensure that all the statements and promises specified in the Whitepaper are implemented, the project team will raise funds from institutional investors, development funds, sponsors, banking and investment instruments. The success of the SPT token campaign will show investors the attractiveness of the project for subsequent investments and increased demand from ordinary users.

2. By purchasing SPT token, the buyer understands and acknowledges that He may use the products and services specified in the Whitepaper in the future.

The purchase of SPT token is not an investment in a common enterprise the same as the purchase of a prepaid goods not is be an investment.

The buyer of the SPT token understands and acknowledges that the purchase of the SPT token is not an investment. The only use of the SPT token is to be a payment Protocol within the framework of the platform services.

3. Making a profit is not provided by the documents. In addition, it is impossible to make a profit by technical scenarios implemented on the blockchain.

4. Please note that the ecosystem will be further developed and new services and options will be introduced, even those that are not specified in the Whitepaper at the time of SPT token sale. The buyer will be able to use the SPT token in the future.

5. This is allowed when a Net- or Gross profit of any company will be turned into business development or capitalization. However, in our case, the customer’s money was not spent on the company's creation and SPT token production. The SPT token is a real digital good. Thus, the SPT token buyers received not an "Expectations of Profits," rather; they received an actual product — the utility SPT token that can be applied to access the blockchain protocol.

6. Any legal consequences between the parties arise from actual service agreements. The legal basis of relations between the parties is a signed contract. Please provide us with details of the persons authorized to make decisions.

7. Customers and users who use the information published on this website understand and agree to the regulation under the laws of Singapore. We do not act under the laws of USA, UK, Hong Kong and under any other common law.

8. This notice applies to all customers. Please note this notification may be changed or updated.

Before interpreting information and making decisions, please contact our customer support specialists directly.

9. We give a legal entity duly organized, validly existing and in good standing in its jurisdiction of incorporation. We has the corporate power and authority to conduct its business as presently conducted and to execute, deliver and perform this Agreement.

10. We are not responsible for any actions of third parties, such as, Exchanges, regulators, government, issuers of digital assets and securities, other third parties.

11. None of the services stated on this website are subject to special licensing or obtaining a permit.

12. We are not active in attracting investments; all our services are Advisory in nature. The services related to the client's secret and having legal nature are subject to the laws on protection of the client's secret.

13. We do not provide services to companies whose activities are illegal and criminal. We do not provide ICO in jurisdictions where it is prohibited by law.

14. Customers who wish to receive our ICO (initial coin offering) support services should be aware of and agree to the following rules, such as:

To investors who are considering participating in the ICO, we strongly recommend that you read the risk factors and disclaimers in regards to the ICO described herein. Furthermore, residents of the following countries listed below are not permitted to participate in the ICO.

- United States of America,

- People's Republic of China Investors who fall under the following clauses are also not permitted to participate in the ICO.

15. The following clauses apply to all countries in the world. Those without forms of identification. Those with association to organized crime. Those who require a legal guardian or an assistant. Those who are at the age of 75 and older. Those who have not owned any cryptocurrency before, or do not have any knowledge regarding cryptocurrencies. Those with less than 1 year of experience in investing in marketable securities including stocks and bonds, and derivatives. Those who are planning on impersonate another person to participate in this ICO. Including representatives who are not recognized in the laws of their countries of residence. Those who are intending to invest 50% and more of their total financial assets in tokens of this ICO. Those who reside in developed countries with less than 100,000 USD in financial assets. Those who reside in developing countries with less than 30,000 USD in financial assets.

16. Price fluctuation risk Token prices are affected by, but not limited to, the issuers’ performance, success / failure of business plans, commodity prices, foreign exchange market, stock market, other market trends, natural disasters, wars, political upheavals, changes in regulations, other cryptocurrencies, and unforeseeable events. Especially with regards to token issuers, things to do not always go according to the original business plan and there is a possibility for the tokens held by clients to significantly decrease in value from the original purchasing price, or for such tokens to lose value all together.

17. Due to the nature of blockchain and the need to verify and authorize exchanges, a certain amount of time may be needed before token exchanges are completed. While the verification is taking place, there is a possibility of the exchange not being reflected at the individual’s address, or the trade itself could be cancelled. As tokens are recorded electronically and they are transferred over networks, there is a risk of tokens vanishing away during exchanges.

18. When purchasing tokens, there is a possibility of a third party to impersonate the token issuer and to provide a fake cryptocurrency address to steal cryptocurrency from the purchaser. In this document, we define the words “cryptocurrency” and “virtual currency” as the same in broad sense.

19. Any user of this website is aware of and agrees with such risks as:

Risk of cyber-attacks.

There is a risk of individuals having their account details stolen and having their tokens transferred without their permissions.

Risk of rapid change of information.

The user must request up-to-date information about the services.

Risk of changes in laws and taxes.

20. Currently, laws and taxes regarding ICOs are not established completely. And in the near future, we can expect governments to make a decision whether to ban, limit or tax ICOs. This could lead to restrictions in token possession and trading and could affect adversely on individuals in ways we could not predict.

21. Caspian Technologies Pte. Ltd (Spatium project) records own all copyrights and patents for the services and information published on this website.

Any up-to-date information on the activities of any person or company on behalf of and/or under The Spatium project label can only be posted on this website. Please contact us and ask us for the information you need.

Any user understands and agrees that the data they have left on this website are not personal information under the law of the protection of personal (privacy) data of the client. Please do not leave any personal information other than your contacts into the feedback form.

Thus, we are not responsible for the information posted on this website, because there are many risks of hacker attacks, loss of information, changes in information by illegal actions of third parties, the informal nature of the information in contrast to formal agreements.