NEO endorses the Spatium wallet
November 21, 2018

Dubbed “the Chinese Ethereum,” NEO is a powerful blockchain platform for building dApps that indeed aims to rival Ethereum’s ERC-20 as the standard for issuing new tokens and dApps.

NEO is very particular about the wallets it recommends for storing the NEO cryptocurrency. Only a handful of wallets — software, hardware, and paper — are listed by NEO as viable options for the reliable storage of their coin. The latest addition to this short list of approved wallets is the Spatium wallet. The approval followed a rigorous technical review of the Spatium software wallet by NEOs security engineers, essentially being an audit of the Spatium technology to make certain that the Spatium wallet provides the best security and compatibility for NEO.

With this endorsement, NEO holders can take advantage of the Spatium wallet’s unmatched security and ease of use. This is welcome news for not just the NEO community but for everyone who holds NEO cryptocurrency as part of a diversified portfolio since the Spatium wallet supports over 100 coins and tokens (including many ranked in the Top 100 by volume).

Since NEO is a non-profit blockchain platform designed to build a scalable network of decentralized applications, providing a secure and easy to use way to store NEO-based tokens supports NEO’s efforts to create a Smart Economy using a distributed network. To that end, the Spatium wallet will support all NEO standards, including the NEP-2, NEP-5 and NEP-9 tokens in the next couple of months. By endorsing the Spatium wallet for its tokens and the smart economy it is building, NEO is helping people crypto securely not just in terms of storing and trading tokens, but also in dApp development and real-world implementation of blockchain technology.