Spatium launches the Beta version of our software wallet
December 11, 2017

The Spatium team announced the public launch of the Beta version of its software wallet in all three major app stores. We have been developing our Beta for several months, and the results met or exceeded all benchmarks, both in terms of security and UX. The wallet already holds over 100 coins and tokens (including many in the Top 100 by volume), which is far more than other wallets on the market.

Prior to releasing the Beta version to the public, we evaluated it internally with about 100 volunteer testers, removing bugs, and making sure that the Spatium Protocol it runs on is as unhackable in real-world scenarios as it is in the lab. After the complete success of internal testing, we are now opening the Beta up to the public.

This open Beta allows anyone to test Spatium’s unhackable technology and see why our software wallet is more secure than even the hardware wallets available on the market today. Here are the links to download the wallet from Google Play, the App Store, and Microsoft Store.