Spatium partners with EdenChain
February 6, 2018

Spatium has now partnered with EdenChain, the permissioned blockchain protocol for enterprise use. EdenChain has a number of strengths, including its interoperability, adaptiveness, and scalability.

Since Spatium’s keyless protocol creates a new level of security for enterprise as well as retail clients, there is a lot of room for collaboration with EdenChain, including integrating their blockchain and token into the Spatium wallet.

With our vision aligned and serving many of the same verticals, Spatium and EdenChain agreed to cross-promotion for the benefit of both communities.

Together, we can create B2B solutions that the enterprise world has been demanding for years. Specifically, our multisignature B2B wallet is a perfect fit for corporate clients. It is more secure, includes over a 100 coins and tokens for an all-in-one wallet, and is quick to make transactions – all important attributes for an enterprise client.