Spatium partners with the foundation
May 28, 2018

Spatium has partnered with the foundation, integrating the NEM blockchain and adding their token into the Spatium wallet. is well-known and respected in the blockchain world as an open-source project to bring blockchain technology to different industries, government, and academia. By integrating the NEM blockchain into the Spatium wallet, we are opening access to innovative projects in both the public and private sector. This in turn allows owners of Spatium wallets to invest in innovation in education, governance, and various commercial industries.

As part of the partnership, we will be manufacturing NEM-branded hardware wallets. This is a win-win agreement. For Spatium, it secures a pre-order of our hardware wallet. For NEM, it gives them an ultra-secure, exceptionally convenient hardware wallet to sell to the users of their blockchain. With NEM being a smart asset blockchain, its users will benefit from Spatium’s security and convenience that can be implemented in both public and permissioned blockchains.

The Spatium team is developing cross-blockchain trading and integration between Spatium and NEM. NEM will also benefit from Spatium’s advanced solutions, such as Plausible Denial and Transfer by Inheritance, which create a new layer of protection for user funds that go beyond anti-hacking measures.