Spatium’s technology independently audited by Sera-Brynn
September 21, 2018

The Spatium Protocol has been independently certified by Sera-Brynn, a Top 5 U.S. cybersecurity assessor, founded by former intelligence personnel. It’s one of the very few cybersecurity evaluators in the world to hold both the ISO/IEC 17020:2012 FedRAMP and the PCI Qualified Security Assessor certifications.

The audit focused on the Spatium Protocol, which is the basis for all products and services that Spatium is developing (starting with a wallet). One of the elements tested is the protocol’s keyless, distributed signing of transactions and generation of public addresses. This ability to avoid using a private key is at the core of the company’s claims to have an unhackable wallet.

The current approach of trying to find new ways of protecting or hiding the private key faster than hackers are finding ways to find and steal them is a losing battle. Spatium’s approach (which was the subject of the audit) is to rely solely on the user’s authorization factors spread across multiple devices to generate one-off transaction signatures without forming a permanent key. While this approach is based on a number of previously tested and proven methodologies, such as Secure Multi-Party Computation, the exact technology of the Spatium Protocol was recently developed by the Spatium team and thus required independent auditing to verify.

The audit’s approval of Spatium’s technology supports the company’s assertion that keyless signing of transactions and generation of public addresses is both possible and secure, ushering in a new generation of cryptowallets. This is important since even the most secure hardware wallets on the market all use private keys and have been shown vulnerable to hacks.

The Spatium team is planning to use this independently audited Protocol to bring a truly secure software wallet into major app stores. We are also preparing to manufacture a hardware wallet that will be both more secure and more convenient than other offerings on the market.