Takashi Nishide becomes an Advisor to Spatium
August 1, 2018

Takashi Nishide joined Spatium’s Board of Advisors. Our very own Spatium Protocol drew on his research, specifically his “Distributed Paillier Cryptosystem without Trusted Dealerz” paper. Drawing on Takashi Nishide’s research, we developed a way to implement multiparty computation in the real world.

When developing a distributed key generation scheme based on Shamir’s secret sharing, we ran into certain technical limitations. Takashi Nishide provided the answers the Spatium team needed to make a breakthrough.

Takashi Nishide’s collaboration with Spatium includes helping the team find other research in the field when it helps overcome obstacles in the development and improvement of the Spatium Protocol. When discussing zero-knowledge proofs, for example, Takashi Nishide proposed several solutions and corresponding academic resources.