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Non-Custodial Wallet as a Service SDK

Spatium Wallet SDK helps developers create advanced user-controlled crypto wallets based on secure multi-party computation (MPC) technology


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One-stop shop for all things crypto wallet development

Spatium innovative development kit empowers developers to create highly-secured wallets which could break Web3 barriers and effortlessly onboard the customers. Frictions caused by seed phrases, key management, networks switching, and access to public addresses are behind-the-scenes covered by powerful technologies.

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Wallet SDK

MPC, TSS, and ZK-proof technologies adopted by Spatium ensures that digital assets are highly protected and distributes trust among multiple parties, eliminates single points of failure, and substitutes multiple providers with clear and robust code delivered by one team


Wallet Cloud

Spatium highly-scalable cloud infrastructure provides businesses with easy access to nodes, on-chain data analysis, crypto-to-fiat rates, and blockchain fee estimations through a reliable wallet-as-a-service API, streamlining the development process


Wallet UI Kit

Spatium UI kit helps to create user-friendly web3 wallet interfaces quickly and easily with our pre-designed UI components. Fully customizable, they’re seamlessly integrated with the SDK, enabling effortless end-user onboarding to Web3

Spatium Wallet White Label Solution

The solution offers maximum flexibility in digital assets management catering institutions and businesses of all sizes. Having powerful MPC encryption as the core of Spatium crypto wallet infrastructure, white label is the amalgamation of security and simplicity

  • Minimizes time to market
  • Decreases business risks
  • Accelerates time to revenue
  • Maximizes security
  • High customer engagement

Why Spatium

  • Multichain Support

    Spatium WaaS SDK is blockchain-agnostic software supporting 10+ blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Everscale, Litecoin, etc

  • MPC-powered Technology

    MPC provides institutional-grade digital assets security. It puts end-users in full control over the wallet private keys and key recovery system allowing them at the same time to benefit from blockchain technical efficiency

  • Wallet Cloud

    Spatium offers frictionless integration with multiple third-party services requested for wallet operational flexibility. Spatium Wallet Cloud transactions are near-instant and gasless

  • Cross-platform Availability

    Build cross-platform crypto wallet web apps using Typescript or native apps through Swift and Kotlin. Our WaaS SDK covers all essential stress points of modern crypto wallet development

  • Affordable Web3 Development

    Save on development and pay as you grow with our flexible pricing policy tailored for any type of business


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