Wallet as a Service SDK

Spatium Wallet SDK helps developers create advanced user-controlled crypto wallets based on secure multi-party computation (MPC) technology

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Spatium simplifies Web3 experience and unlocks blockchain usability with MPC-driven abstraction

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Blockchain Solutions are Limited

The fragmented user experience in Web3, caused by the lack of seamless cross-chain mechanics, volatile gas fees in native tokens, and the need to manage multiple wallets, slows adoption and makes interactions complex and costly.

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Volatile Fees in Native Tokens

Volatile and high gas fees in native chain token make blockchain inconvenient and expensive, deterring users from frequent use


Complex Wallet Management

Managing multiple private keys and wallets is cumbersome and prone to user error, creating barriers to blockchain adoption


Fragmented Ecosystem

The lack of a unified interface and seamless interaction between different blockchains complicates UX and limits functionality


A Powerful Wallet
Unifying all Chains

Pioneering MPC since 2017, today we are bringing abstraction to blockchain, network fee and wallet levels, solving the problems to enhance usability, security, and efficiency.

Spatium sets the bar as the most powerful multi-chain wallet promoting blockchain abstraction.

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Unlock the Future with Spatium 
Groundbreaking Features

Free Wallet & WaaS

Feeless Wallet App

Spatium sets the bar as the most powerful multi-chain wallet promoting blockchain abstraction. At the same time, Spatium wallet provides unmatched ease of use. We have combined a set of unique features which enable the earning on crypto in a UX-friendly manner.

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The wallet can be used by businesses to onboard customers to Web3 through Spatium WaaS

Fee Abstraction

Less Network Fees
in Currency you Send

Users can now pay fee in any currency even on other blockchain. Transactions from different users are sent and mined jointly significantly reducing the final fee. Intent-centric design.
  • No more hussle in finding native coin to pay blockchain fee for sending transaction
  • User pays in currency they send
  • Works with any blockchain
  • Up to 30% fee reduction
feeless module
P2P Swaps & Chain Abstraction

Cheap and Secure
Cross-Chain P2P Swaps

Enjoy cheapest ever cross-chain P2P swaps guaranteed by MPC.

  • Perform P2P swaps in just two simple transactions from one user to another
  • Lower fees cannot be imagined since no escrow is involved
  • Lower fees than with DEX
  • Safer than with CEX
  • Security of the deal and your assets guaranteed by Spatium MPC
  • Spatium does not take fee for P2P swaps
  • Smooth cross-chain mechanics

2x lower fees + up to 30% less when using feeless

Earn  coming soon

Up to 15% Passive APY
on your Holdings

By staking SPTM users empower operation of Spatium and share revenue from its operation.


  • $10 000 in fees - revenue Spatium generated from feeless & P2P swap fees within 1 block
  • 1 050 000 SPTM staked - amount of tokens users is staking which is 0.5% of total token supply
  • Result: $50 earned - Amount earned in 1 block
Feeless Crypto Wallet App


Goal is Set by the User – Execution is on Spatium

User states his goal and leaves the ‘how’ up to the Spatium. Instead of step-by-step processes with blockchain transactions – execution of desired outcome.

Complex blockchain transactions are made through Spatium and third party integrations being executed by MPC System.


Checkout Spatium Light Paper

Explore Spatium advanced approach to building MPC-powered self-custodial crypto wallets and effortlessly onboard users to web3

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Highest Security
Based on Zero Trust

Spatium replaces the Private Key with independently generated shards which together sign the transaction.

User always retain control and transactions are initiated based on his intent. Spatium acts as security guarantor and enables unique features making crypto simple.

By using MPC Spatium is also able to enhance Maximum Extraction Value (MEV) protection.


Unlocking Blockchain Usability with MPC-Driven Abstraction

Phase 1

  • MPC powered crypto wallet on iOS and Android
  • Easy login with Google & Apple
  • MPC P2P cross-chain swaps (crypto-crypto), no escrow and with lowest fees - closed beta
  • Remove gas friction with Fee Abstraction
  • Farming & gaming mechanics

Phase 2

  • P2P swaps: public version, AML & wallet rankings available, enhanced security
  • Telegram mini-app
  • Referral program
  • Open source (Phases 1-2)

Phase 3

  • P2P swaps: fiat-crypto swaps; Spatium commission for swaps
  • P2P swaps & Feeless available in Spatium WaaS
  • Intents instead of transaction
  • Audits passed

Phase 4

  • Desktop version, browser extension
  • Staking available
  • Legacy transfer
  • Web3 firewall
  • Open source (Phases 3-4)
  • Audits passed

We answer some of your questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fee for using your product?

We offer two main products: Wallet SDK and Wallet Cloud. 

Wallet SDK License Pricing includes several parameters. It depends on the platform type (iOS, Android, or web app) and the app. Each new platform and each new app should be purchased separately. You pay 50% before going live and the other 50% after. There are monthly and annual plans.

Wallet Cloud doesn’t require a license if get one for Wallet SDK. You get 5000 monthly active users (MAU*) and 25000 monthly active sessions (MAS**) for free.

*MAU is a unique user interacting with any of the Wallet Cloud services.

**MAS is a 15-minute session of wallet activity on chain.

How do I get started with Wallet SDK?

Spatium WaaS products: Wallet SDK, Wallet Cloud, and Wallet UI Kit, which is expected to be released soon, come with detailed and well-explained documentation. In case you require more assistance, please, send us a line

Is there any trial period?

There is a 30-day trial period. During this time you have an opportunity to test our WaaS SDK. Also, you can integrate it into your product to make sure that it meets your requirements and expectations.

Why should I build with Spatium WaaS SDK?

Spatium WaaS SDK significantly decreases the development time squeezing it into a week or two. It enables the integration of pre-built infrastructure. In addition, WaaS SDK can not only be used to build a crypto wallet but also embed crypto wallet functionality in the existing product.

Can you give examples of successful projects built with your WaaS SDK?

There are several products built based on Spatium WaaS SDK. These are crypto wallets developed for Wirex, Gem4gem, Dexfin, and others. Our WaaS SDK is ideal for businesses operating in the following segments: crypto wallet development, crypto exchange development, neobank wallet development, NFT marketplace development, web3 games development, social media dApps development, etc.

What if I need customization?

If you need customization, it’s okay with us. We are open to any type of interaction with our clients on any alterations they would like to have. Also, we need more details from your side to discuss your case carefully. Contact our sales team for more information.

What happens if I encounter issues or need technical assistance?

For any technical issues, please, contact our technical support. They will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I know that users’ assets are protected?

Spatium WaaS SDK facilitates the development of MPC-powered crypto wallets. Get to know more about MPC encryption technology, one of the best means to protect users’ digital assets. Also, our SDK is available for security audits.


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