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 Wallet Cloud

Reduce the complexity of blockchain integrations


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Connect our powerful API for

Easy access to nodes

Regaining access to lost wallet

Asset management

Access to crypto market data

API management and notifications

Cloud backup

Build Next-Gen Cloud Crypto Wallets

Align Wallet Cloud API with powerful Wallet SDK and welcome a reliable and scalable cloud web3 wallet. Your crypto wallet infrastructure will manage 500+ types of coins, NFTs, and tokens. It will store, receive, and send your digital assets, buy and sell crypto, swap it, and access DeFi and dApp functionality.


Why Build with Wallet Cloud API?

  • One-click Wallet Development

    Embed pre-built services of vital blockchain integrations. Facilitate the deployment and streamline the integration processes

  • Gasless and Near-instant Transactions

    Build efficient, engaging, and convenient web3 wallets manageable enough to increase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction

  • Scalability

    Get a highly-scalable solution providing flexible integrations. Advanced Cloud elasticity guarantees the reliability of the services provided

  • Well-documented Crypto Wallet API

    Enjoy neat and fool-proof documentation which makes Wallet Cloud API integration easy and effortless

  • Affordable Web3 Development

    Save on development and pay as you grow with our flexible pricing policy tailored for any type of business



Why do I need Spatium web3 Wallet Cloud?

Wallet Cloud is an ideal product to cost-effectively and time-efficiently connect a crypto wallet infrastructure to the blockchain. Get in touch with our Sales Team to get to know more.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the size of your company the price will differ. Please, provide some more details on your project to our Sales Team and they will get back to you.

Is there any trial period?

There is a 30-day trial period.

Can I buy Wallet Cloud separately?

Yes, the products provided by Spatium: Wallet SDK and Wallet Cloud could be purchased separately.

How long does it take to implement Spatium web3 Wallet Cloud into my project?

Taking into consideration that our Wallet Cloud API is not only well-documented but also neatly written, it will take around 3-4 hours.

What else do I need to develop a functioning crypto wallet?

For your crypto wallet to be functional it requires two vital parts: SDK and Cloud. SDK is the MPC-powered encryption core having client and server sides. Cloud is the required third-party connections to the web3 enabling the wallet operation. Please, read more about our Wallet Cloud or contact our sales team for more details.

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