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Turnkey solution for developers to build user-controlled crypto wallets

Wallet SDK key features

Build secure yet easy to operate wallets

Enhanced Transaction Security

MPC-powered encryption ensures that client and server SDKs provide keyless transaction co-signature by substituting privates key with several secrets shared between multiple parties: No Single Point of Failure Full Decentralization Increased Account Protection


Multichain Support

Spatium blockchain Wallet SDK supports more than 10 blockchains (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Everscale, Litecoin, etc.). New chains are frequently added


Full user ownership

Non-custodial crypto wallet SDK provides users with full control over crypto, NFTs, and other digital assets stored in their wallets


Biometric Backup

Allows for quick yet fully anonymous wallet recovery. Provides easy access to the second secret required for co-signing. Enables frictionless shift among devices


Highest security standarts

Unique MPC Implementation

Crypto wallet SDK executes strong encryption based on MPC, TSS, ZK-proof, etc. It protects users’ wallets against breaches and is designed to always request confirmation for any type of wallet activity. At the same time, it makes transaction moderation frictionless for service providers with multiple pre-built policies

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Develop non-custodial crypto wallets in no time

Explore Spatium advanced approach to building MPC-powered self-custodial crypto wallets and effortlessly onboard users to web3

Easy and fast integration

Engaging MPC Wallets in Less Time

Enjoy the development process with clear and robust code from the Spatium team. Well-written and neatly organized documentation helps to streamline the creation of user-friendly non-custodial wallets

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Reasons to select spatium wallet sdk

Why build with wallet SDK?

Cross-platform Availability

Use Kotlin and Swift for native Android and iOS SDKs and React/Typescript for web app SDK. Our Wallet SDK architecture uses the adaptation logic for client-server interaction.


Affordable Web3 Development

Save on development and pay as you grow with our flexible pricing policy tailored for any type of business


MPC-powered Technology

MPC offers institutional-grade digital assets security. It puts end-users in full control over the wallet’s private keys and key recovery system. At the same time it enables users reap maximum benefit from blockchain technical efficiency



Take advantage of our Wallet SDK blockchain-agnostic architecture providing EVM-compatible chains by default

We answer some of your questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Based on the needs of your business and the options you are considering (iOS, Android, web app) the price will differ. The price for the license depends on its duration: quarterly or annually, the type of the platform, and its bundle ID. The license activation starts from the date of app publication in AppStore or Google Market. Contact our sales team for more details.

Is there any trial period?

There is a 30-day trial period. During this time you have an opportunity to test our SDK. Also, you can integrate it into your product to make sure that it meets your requirements and expectations.

How long does it take to develop with Spatium SDK?

Spatium SDK significantly decreases the development time squeezing it into a week or two, instead of several months.

Can I buy separate SDKs? (iOS, Android, TS)

Based on the needs of your business, you can purchase iOS SDK, Android SDK, and Typescript SDK separately.

What else do I need to develop a functioning crypto wallet?

For your crypto wallet to be functional it requires two vital parts: SDK and Cloud. SDK is the MPC-powered encryption core having client and server sides. Cloud is the required third-party connections to the web3 enabling the wallet operation. Please, read more about our Wallet Cloud or contact our sales team for more details.

What if I need customization?

f you need customization, it’s okay with us. We are open to any type of interaction and work individually with our clients on any alterations they would like to have. Also, we need some more details from your side to discuss your case carefully and see how we can be helpful to you. Contact our sales team for more information.

How big are the sizes of iOS, Android, Typescript SDKs?

SDKs for iOS and Android are only 2 MB each, and a web app, written in React/Typescript is only 0,5 MB


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