Wallet as a Service SDK

Spatium Wallet SDK helps developers create advanced user-controlled crypto wallets based on secure multi-party computation (MPC) technology

Non-Custodial Wallet-as-a-Service

light_icon  Build cross-platform crypto wallets 

Spatium Wallet SDK helps developers create advanced user-controlled crypto wallets based on secure multi-party computation (MPC) technology


All-in-one solution for cryptocurrency wallet development

Spatium development kit enables secure wallets, breaking Web3 barriers, and providing effortless customer onboarding. Powerful technologies handle seed phrases, key management, network switching, and public address access seamlessly.

Wallet infrastructure for your business

Build your wallet with Spatium in weeks, not months

Build cross-platform crypto wallets

Wallet SDK

MPC, TSS, and ZK-proof technologies adopted by Spatium ensures that digital assets are highly protected and distributes trust among multiple parties, eliminates single points of failure, and substitutes multiple providers with clear and robust code delivered by one team.

Connect our powerful API providing a range of services

Wallet Cloud

Spatium highly-scalable cloud infrastructure provides businesses with easy access to nodes, on-chain data analysis, crypto-to-fiat rates, and blockchain fee estimations through a reliable wallet-as-a-service API, streamlining the development process

Create customizable user-friendly interfaces

Wallet UI Kit

Spatium UI kit helps to create user-friendly web3 wallet interfaces quickly and easily with our pre-designed UI components. Fully customizable, they’re seamlessly integrated with the SDK, enabling effortless end-user onboarding to Web3

Spatium Wallet
White Label Solution

The solution offers maximum flexibility in digital assets management catering institutions and businesses of all sizes. Having powerful MPC encryption as the core of Spatium crypto wallet infrastructure, white label is the amalgamation of security and simplicity

Wide range of tech possibilities

Spatium provides cross-platform WaaS solutions

IOS icon
IOS 15.0 + Swift - 35Mb
Android icon
Android 6.0 + Kotlin - 35Mb
Mac OS icon
MacOS 13.0 + Swift - 35Mb
Desktop Typescript - more than 1 Mb
Mobile Typescript - more than 1 Mb


White Paper

Develop non-custodial crypto wallets in no time

Explore Spatium advanced approach to building MPC-powered self-custodial crypto wallets and effortlessly onboard users to web3

Be a part of web3

Use Cases

Spatium offers a flexible platform for your business needs. Customize it or choose from existing use cases with our user-friendly web3 wallet SDK, expanding your organization's capabilities effortlessly



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Empower Users with Self-Custody

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Reasons companies choose us

Why Spatium

Multichain Support

Spatium WaaS SDK is blockchain-agnostic software supporting 10+ blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Everscale, Litecoin, etc


MPC-powered Technology

MPC ensures top-tier security for digital assets while giving users control over their private keys and recovery systems, all while leveraging blockchain efficiency


Cross-platform Availability

Create crypto wallets across platforms with TypeScript for web apps or Swift/Kotlin for native apps. Our WaaS SDK streamlines crypto wallet development.


Wallet Cloud

Spatium enables seamless integration with third-party services for flexible wallet operations. Spatium Wallet Cloud ensures almost instant, gas-free transactions.


Affordable Web3 Development

Save on development and pay as you grow with our flexible pricing policy tailored for any type of business

We answer some of your questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fee for using your product?

We offer two main products: Wallet SDK and Wallet Cloud. 

Wallet SDK License Pricing includes several parameters. It depends on the platform type (iOS, Android, or web app) and the app. Each new platform and each new app should be purchased separately. You pay 50% before going live and the other 50% after. There are monthly and annual plans.

Wallet Cloud doesn’t require a license if get one for Wallet SDK. You get 5000 monthly active users (MAU*) and 25000 monthly active sessions (MAS**) for free.

*MAU is a unique user interacting with any of the Wallet Cloud services.

**MAS is a 15-minute session of wallet activity on chain.

How do I get started with Wallet SDK?

Spatium WaaS products: Wallet SDK, Wallet Cloud, and Wallet UI Kit, which is expected to be released soon, come with detailed and well-explained documentation. In case you require more assistance, please, send us a line

Is there any trial period?

There is a 30-day trial period. During this time you have an opportunity to test our WaaS SDK. Also, you can integrate it into your product to make sure that it meets your requirements and expectations.

Why should I build with Spatium WaaS SDK?

Spatium WaaS SDK significantly decreases the development time squeezing it into a week or two. It enables the integration of pre-built infrastructure. In addition, WaaS SDK can not only be used to build a crypto wallet but also embed crypto wallet functionality in the existing product.

Can you give examples of successful projects built with your WaaS SDK?

There are several products built based on Spatium WaaS SDK. These are crypto wallets developed for Wirex, Gem4gem, Dexfin, and others. Our WaaS SDK is ideal for businesses operating in the following segments: crypto wallet development, crypto exchange development, neobank wallet development, NFT marketplace development, web3 games development, social media dApps development, etc.

What if I need customization?

If you need customization, it’s okay with us. We are open to any type of interaction with our clients on any alterations they would like to have. Also, we need more details from your side to discuss your case carefully. Contact our sales team for more information.

What happens if I encounter issues or need technical assistance?

For any technical issues, please, contact our technical support. They will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I know that users’ assets are protected?

Spatium WaaS SDK facilitates the development of MPC-powered crypto wallets. Get to know more about MPC encryption technology, one of the best means to protect users’ digital assets. Also, our SDK is available for security audits.


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