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Security is the most important parameter in web3. The growth of the digital blockchain ecosystem brings to light various cyber threats. It means that Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) as an extra security means should be a must for crypto wallets.

What is 2FA? 

Two-factor authentication is a security mechanism that helps to add an extra layer of protection to your assets. While the first step to get access to your crypto wallet account is the password or Face/Touch ID, the second layer of your assets security could be an authentication token or a confirmation through the mobile device. 

2FA activation in Spatium: how does it work?

As we have mentioned, while logging into your Spatium crypto wallet account you are required to provide the password or Face/Touch ID (activate your private key). To make sure that it’s you who would like to perform operations with your digital assets, you have to ensure this again with the password or Face/Touch ID, plus use the second factor (2FA). Such an attitude significantly decreases the probability of unauthorized access. Even in case someone gets access to your private key (your password) and would like to steal your funds, 2FA will be a big obstacle.

How to set up 2FA for Spatium crypto wallet

Spatium crypto wallet provides an intuitive interface and makes 2FA activation accessible and user-friendly. 

If you don’t have a Spatium wallet on your mobile device, go to the App Store or Play Market and download the Spatium Feeless Bitcoin wallet. It’s available on Android and iOS devices. 

In order to turn on 2FA in your Spatium crypto wallet, follow 2 simple steps and boost the security of your crypto account:

1. Access the security settings

When you're logged in to Spatium crypto wallet, go to Profile and select Two-factor Authentication

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2. Link Google Authenticator

When you enable 2FA you will see instructions how to link your Google Authenticator. Please, follow the instructions.

NOTE! DO NOT DELETE account associated with Spatium from your authenticator app, as well as Google Authenticator app itself. KEEP SAFE authenticator setup key.

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What makes a Spatium crypto wallet your best choice?

Spatium is a time-proven crypto wallet that has stood out in the market of crypto wallets for the last 7 years. Spatium wallet has been one of the first to apply Multi-Party Computation technology which provides a secure storage and trading environment within the wallet. Having our customers in mind, we would like to provide even better security for their assets, that’s why we strongly recommend applying 2FA and minimizing the risk of account hacking. The set-up logic is straightforward and easy to follow. 

Stay protected in web3 with Spatium Feeless Bitcoin Wallet. It’s easy to operate and securely to use. Spatium Feeless Bitcoin wallet is free to download. It’s available on Android and iOS devices.  Visit our website to learn more about the wallet. Get it on your phone, test it, and enjoy your financial freedom!

Try Spatium Feeless Bitcoin Wallet and the feature allowing you to pay a network fee in the currency you send instead of native chain tokens. Read more about Feeless in the Changelog.

Keep a close eye on Spatium Feeless Bitcoin wallet which is building DeFi on Bitcoin and actively working toward the introduction of feeless crypto transactions and peer-to-peer crypto swaps. Follow us on social platforms: X, LinkedIn, Discord, and Telegram.


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