Simplifying Crypto Wallet Development: Introducing Spatium Wallet SDK

Simplifying Crypto Wallet Development: Introducing Spatium Wallet SDK

Discover Spatium Wallet SDK – the solution for effortless non-custodial crypto wallet creation. Enhance security, user ownership, and blockchain compatibility in your projects.

Spatium Wallet SDK is a powerful software that streamlines non-custodial crypto wallet development. It removes the burden of coding, testing, and implementation, allowing businesses to focus on achieving their goals.

Spatium is launching Wallet SDK soon, aiming to  simplifying non-custodial crypto wallet development. With insights gained since its pioneering use of Multiparty Computation (MPC) technology in 2017, Spatium introduces the non-custodial Spatium Wallet SDK to build secure, user-centric wallets for the web3 era.

Spatium's lightweight yet powerful encryption core, the Wallet SDK, prioritizes user needs. Users maintain full ownership of digital assets and manage wallet interactions with business servers, fostering user loyalty and retention.

Wallets powered by Spatium Wallet SDK confirm transactions through encrypted secrets scattered across various locations, enhancing security. The absence of a Single Point of Failure (SPOF) ensures wallet integrity, even if one secret is compromised.

Designed for accessibility, Spatium Wallet SDK benefits both non-technical users venturing into web3 and blockchain enthusiasts. The adoption of Spatium's MPC encryption contributes to wider crypto wallet usage, fostering business growth and competitiveness.

Furthermore, Spatium Wallet SDK facilitates easy wallet access restoration, including encrypted biometric backup, in case of device loss or server issues.

With blockchain-agnostic design, Spatium Wallet SDK supports transactions across EVM-compatible chains and major blockchains. Available natively for iOS and Android, with a Typescript-written SDK for web apps, it offers comprehensive cross-platform support.

Remarkably compact at less than 3 MB, the Wallet SDK accelerates time-to-market by tenfold and optimizes budgets. This allows businesses to allocate resources to new product development, providing seamless user experiences in the crypto world through Spatium.

For more information and business benefits, reach out to Spatium directly.

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