Spatium Wallet UI Kit

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Ready-made UI to speed up crypto wallet development

Wallet UI Kit key features

Build crypto wallet in weeks not months

Empowering web3 developers to effortlessly craft secure wallets with our time-saving UI kit

Fully Customizable Visuals

Wallet UI Kit includes modular and reusable components designed to match your brand stylistics and serve your business needs


Figma-powered Design

Crypto Wallet UI Kit is fully compatible with Figma and is automatically responsive to various screens


Engaging and Functional UX

Wallet UI Kit integrates well-thought UX into ready-to-use workflows. If required, UX logic can be customized


Appealing Crypto Wallet UI

Spatium crypto wallet UI components take off the difficulties of designing every visual from scratch. UI Kit is neatly organized: locating and finding layers is easy

Appealing Crypto Wallet UI

Compatible with Swift, Kotlin, and Typescript

Our crypto wallet UI design components could be easily integrated into your app front-end as well as ideally match with Spatium Wallet SDK

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Develop non-custodial crypto wallets in no time

Explore Spatium advanced approach to building MPC-powered self-custodial crypto wallets and effortlessly onboard users to web3

Reasons to select Spatium Wallet UI Kit

Why build with Wallet UI Kit?

Short Time to Market

Save time with Wallet UI Kit pre-built and reusable components. Concentrate on functionality rather than expensive custom design


Excellent Performance

Reduce design-related errors by using well-tested reusable components. Let crypto wallet UI  work smoothly and load quickly


Increased User Satisfaction

Build a loyal user community through user-friendly and engaging design, embracing best practices existing in the crypto space


Affordable Development

Allocate funds to focus on core features and functionality rather than pay for expensive custom design

Affordable Development
We answer some of your questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any trial period?

There is a 30-day trial period. During this time you have an opportunity to test our UI Kit. Also, you can integrate it into your product to make sure that it meets your requirements and expectations.

Is there a sales demo?

Yes. Download Spatium app to see how intuitive a crypto wallet UI can be.

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What else do I need to develop a functioning crypto wallet?

Spatium is a one-stop shop for all crypto wallet development things. In addition to UI Kit, we offer Wallet SDK and Wallet Cloud. All these three elements are vital for crypto wallet development. Please, contact us if you need more information.

What if I need a custom design?

If you find out that our pre-built components for facilitated UI design do not match all your criteria and you would like some more engagement with our design team, please, contact our sales team and they will work around your issue.


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